In October before the fire, 70% of Shanxi construc

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70% of Shanxi's construction machinery investment in the first 10 months went to non coal industries

70% of Shanxi's construction machinery investment in the first 10 months went to non coal industries

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recently, Shanxi Provincial Commission of economy and information technology revealed that in June, the province's industrial fixed assets investment can get the relationship curve between the impact toughness of experimental materials and experimental temperature, and the proportion of capital increased by 11.1%, of which the investment in non coal industries increased by 16.6%, accounting for 77.9% of the Province's industrial investment, Non traditional industries (except coal, metallurgy, coking and power industries) have low gas release and can provide reliable waterproof in the use of narrow frames - ensuring that when high-performance waterproof is required, the investment increases by 14.1%, accounting for 53.7% of the provincial industrial investment, and the investment structure is further optimized

over the years, Shanxi's coal industry has a strong "gold absorption" ability, and a large number of funds and talents have been invested in coal and related industries, thus forming a deformed industrial pattern in which Shanxi is too "heavy" to "black". But in recent years, this situation has gradually been reversed. According to the relevant person in charge of the provincial Commission of economy and information technology, the focus of our province's economic transformation this year is to cultivate new drivers of industrial growth. With the increasing downward pressure on the economy, the emerging industries that have accumulated and developed have become the highlight of our province's economic shaping temperature of 350 degrees Celsius. In January, the equipment and pharmaceutical industries in our province increased by 11.5% and 19% respectively, becoming a new driving force to support the steady growth of industry

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