In October, the bisphenol a market was affected by

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In October, the price of bisphenol a market fluctuated significantly due to the impact of policies

in October, the market price of bisphenol A in East China turned downward after rising by the limit, and the price curve showed obvious fluctuations. The experimental speed 2 of the latest report has become the 33rd 10 billion level project in the new area, 50mm/min ± 25mm/min. price: bisphenol A has a poor market performance in all regions: the market in Shandong fluctuates in a narrow range, the market offer price is around 20200 yuan/ton, and the actual negotiated price is 20150 yuan/ton; The market situation in North China was flat, the market offer price fell to yuan/ton, the actual negotiated price was yuan/ton, the demand of downstream manufacturers was light, the market trading atmosphere was low, and the firm offer transactions were rare. Since the second half of this year, the news about bisphenol A at home and abroad has been common: the United States, Canada and Denmark have recently burst out the relevant policies and regulations of "bisphenol A is a toxic substance, which needs to be banned", pouring cold water on the domestic bisphenol a market with rapid price rise this year. For decades, bisphenol A has been widely produced and used in the coating of hard plastic products, especially food and beverage cans. The biggest harm of bisphenol A to health is that it may interfere with endocrine, such as disturbing the natural hormone level and affecting the human body, especially the body of teenagers. The tensile properties of plastic and rubber are one of the most important and basic mechanical properties

in China, bisphenol A has been banned from baby bottle products, but the most suitable substitute has not been found in the industry. Upstream international crude oil is booming, chemical products have followed suit, and the momentum of price rise has not stopped. In addition, the domestic energy-saving and emission reduction policies have entered the final stage, and the policies in various regions have been tightened, which has played a significant role in boosting

future analysis and prediction: this week's narrow reduction has shown the trend of BPA affected by policies. However, "under the policy of 'one belt and one road', suitable substitutes have not yet appeared, and the aftermarket is both bad and good, so you should be careful when entering the market.

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