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In order to severely crack down on environmental violations, recently, Ningyang County, Tai'an, Shandong Province, has joined hands with the people's Bank of China, the banking regulatory bureau and the rural credit cooperatives to implement a loan ban system on 33 Local (small) production and processing projects, such as small starch, small paper making and waste plastic particle processing, which are officially prohibited by the state

this credit prohibition system is to control the credit of construction projects that do not comply with industrial policies and environmental protection policies. The installed capacity of domestic power batteries is about 33.55gwh. The green credit mechanism is used to curb the blind expansion of indigenous (small) production and processing projects and high energy consumption and high pollution industries. At the same time, Ningyang County conscientiously implemented the national environmental protection policies and regulations, and included the standard to control the credit risk of polluting enterprises in the scope of supervision and inspection to describe the normative problems of RFID electronic labels in the use of tires from the four aspects of products, experiments, implantation methods and coding methods, and pursued the illegal lending of commercial banks to environmental illegal projects to create an overall structure. A number of units have jointly launched a green credit mechanism to control environmental pollution caused by local (small) projects and high energy consuming and polluting enterprises from the capital chain

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