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Shanghai Instrument & Electronics Co., Ltd. initiated the establishment of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Development Alliance

in order to further gather global artificial intelligence talents, break through key core technologies, promote artificial intelligence demonstration applications, and speed up the construction of a national artificial intelligence development highland, the launching ceremony of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Development Alliance (Saia) was recently held in Changyang Valley, Yangpu District, Shanghai. Instrument & Electronics Group, SAIC, Shanghai Electric, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Guotai Junan 22 units including Pacific Insurance and Zhangjiang group jointly initiated the establishment of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Development Alliance

the alliance will take serving Shanghai to build an artificial intelligence highland as its overall goal, and take the construction of a coordination platform for adjusting the verticality of the main shaft and the test bench platform and the coaxiality of the main shaft axis and the lifting screw axis based on the analysis of the government, production, learning, research, capital and resources as its main task. It will focus on carrying out artificial intelligence professional services and exchanges at home and abroad, and increase its strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment process, Promote the organic coordination of artificial intelligence technology, industry and application in Shanghai, and actively create a comprehensive ecological environment conducive to the development of artificial intelligence. With the Council as its core body, the alliance will set up several professional committees in different industries and fields. Focusing on the three themes of "empowerment, innovation and cooperation", the alliance will carry out relevant work in industry promotion, application enabling, talent gathering, think tank research, resource sharing and brand co construction, so as to jointly improve the influence and voice of Shanghai and even China in the global artificial intelligence industry, Strive to build the alliance into a platform for the integration and cooperation of artificial intelligence at home and abroad

after the establishment of the alliance, it will further expand its member units, attract enterprises and institutions from all aspects of the innovation chain such as artificial intelligence technology, industry, application, research, investment and financing, and continue to strengthen the work related to artificial intelligence in Shanghai. According to the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, the development of Shanghai's artificial intelligence industry is inseparable from the mutual coordination and collective efforts at all levels inside and outside the industry. This time, Shanghai initiated the establishment of the artificial intelligence development alliance, which will provide a strong support for the Shanghai artificial intelligence industry to form a national leading high-end chemical new material characteristic industry gathering area, and jointly build Shanghai into a leading artificial intelligence development new highland in China

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