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Shanghai issues housing renovation standards to regulate coatings

Shanghai issues housing renovation standards to regulate coatings

July 10, 2009

[China paint information] the ongoing large-scale building renovation in Shanghai is one of the important contents of the 600 day action to welcome the WorldExpo. In yesterday's "summer" interview, liuhaisheng, director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of housing security and housing administration, revealed that the city is studying relevant norms, including design, for housing renovation. At present, the city's housing management department has begun to do some pilot projects in Pudong and Huangpu, which will be launched in the city this year

"there are differences and priorities in what we do this time." Liuhaisheng said that in the large-scale renovation of buildings welcoming the WorldExpo, the surrounding areas of the WorldExpo will be the key areas. In addition, the surrounding areas of Yan'an Road and the two banks of Suzhou River and Huangpu River will also be the key areas of renovation

in the "summer" yesterday, many citizens reported that there were some problems in the city's building renovation, such as barbaric construction, failure to clean up garbage, and property enterprises' responsibility. Liuhaisheng said that citizens can call 962121 service, and the housing management department will strengthen inspection and timely exposure

according to liuhaisheng, the total building area of Shanghai is about 740million square meters. Among them, about 20% of the mid-level buildings and high-rise buildings need to be renovated for the Expo. Some are both internal and external renovation, and some are only for facade renovation. "The larger the value, the larger the area. It can be said that we have not accumulated so much in the past decade."

he said that most of the houses that needed "internal and external repair" were built before the 1980s. These old houses have some problems due to the limitation of design and construction technology, "for example, some water pipes have scale inside after a long time of use, which will affect the water pressure and water volume." Plant technicians and technicians working outside officially informed him that gas pipes and sewers were also aging and blocked. The transformation will replace all aged wires and cooperate with the power supply department to replace some electric meters

the city is studying relevant specifications for housing renovation, including design and other issues, and has conducted a pilot project in Pudong, which can reduce the cost of products by 20% and 30% in the long run, and in Huangpu. "We have specially invited experts. Each building is different, but there is a principle, including things outside, such as air conditioners and clothes hangers. First of all, we should meet its functional needs." Liuhaisheng said that it needs to be clean, beautiful and coordinated

the housing management department also invited experts from the technical committee of the Municipal Housing Management Bureau to formulate standards for coatings. Liuhaisheng said that for the requirements of coating enterprises, the first flame-retardant material is more important to be used in the body, especially the specification. "Including the standard of the coating itself, because we mostly do exterior walls, which have some waterproof functions. The construction party should do some publicity and communication to the residents." Liu Haisheng also asked for more communication with the industry committee and residents during the design

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