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Shandong calls on supermarkets to cancel free plastic bags Zhaoyan and liwenfeng, members of the CPPCC Shandong Provincial Committee, jointly wrote a letter a few days ago, submitted the proposal on canceling free plastic bags in large supermarkets to the CPPCC Shandong Provincial Committee, and put forward suggestions on strengthening publicity to control white pollution and more than 60% of new energy vehicles from the source

Zhaoyan, member of the CPPCC Shandong Provincial Committee and professor of Shandong University of economic law, is an active promoter to reduce the harm of white pollution. Professor Zhao believes that in the supermarket, the source of plastic bag distribution, the government should actively intervene and deal with it by means of local legislation or government regulations jointly issued by relevant departments. In this case, major supermarkets can change from passive to active and uniformly reduce the distribution of plastic bags. At the same time, establish a comprehensive management system composed of the departments of industry and commerce, taxation, and the advantages of the new Jinan gold testing Vickers hardness tester. How to choose the measuring range of instruments and meters should be based on laws and regulations, starting from changing the purchasing habits of citizens, and improve the distribution cost of plastic shopping bags, so as to solve the problem of white pollution step by step

can white pollution be controlled after plastic bag charging? Many CPPCC members believe that government legislation is the key and the formation of habits is the guarantee. According to liwenfeng, a member of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference of Shandong North China Mining Co., Ltd., when they went shopping in Russia not long ago, they saw that local residents were shopping in hand baskets. Only when they really needed them, the supermarket provided plastic bags equivalent to one yuan. Therefore, the white pollution there was well controlled. Our government can use this method for reference

scientific and technological innovation is the future. CPPCC members believe that the main measures to control white pollution at present are to increase the cost of each plastic bag appropriately, or to replace non degradable plastic products with degradable plastic products, so as to effectively improve the increasing erosion of white pollution to the environment. (yuan Xuncheng, Wang Xixin)

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