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Shanghai Bell helps Chinatelecom Beijing and Guangzhou data centers increase traffic management needs

Shanghai Bell will deploy its powerful 7950 XRS IP core router and 7750 SR service router to help Chinatelecom manage its growing data center traffic while expanding 4G LTE services

Shanghai Bell announced, It provides Chinatelecom with powerful IP routing technology including 7950 XRS IP core router and 7750 SR service router, helping it expand its 4G LTE network and manage the growing user demand

China is the leader in the global wireless broadband market. It is estimated that by 2019, China's 4G LTE users will account for nearly one third of the global total 4G LTE users. Based on this, Chinatelecom chose to adopt the powerful IP routing technology of Shanghai Bell to ensure that its IP network has enough scalability and flexibility to manage the growing data traffic in the future, help it launch high-quality 4G LTE services with large, comprehensive and high-speed configuration, and prepare for the further expansion of the network

Shanghai Bell will deploy its industry-leading core and edge routing technology for Chinatelecom. Chinatelecom will deploy Shanghai Bell 7950 XRS IP core router to manage the growing traffic in the data center (IDC can be connected to the computer console) in the capital Beijing and the southern Financial Center Guangzhou. Previously, Chinatelecom has deployed 7950 XRS IP core routers in Shanghai and Jiangsu Province. In addition, Chinatelecom will deploy the Shanghai Bell 7750 SR service router in seven major provinces

according to the plan, the project is expected to complete the deployment and start providing services in December

key information:

as early as October 2014, Shanghai Bell helped Chinatelecom deploy its 7950 XRS materials in Shanghai and Jiangsu Province, which is the material foundation for human survival and development Com/products/7950-extensible-routing-system IP core router. This latest cooperation has further expanded the deployment of this product on Chinatelecom network. Including the interconnection of all data centers in Beijing and Guangzhou, Shanghai Bell has provided 25% of the IP core routing capability for the new part of Chinatelecom in this bidding

Shanghai Bell has provided 15% of the network capacity for the new part of MSE multi service gateway router (bng) of Chinatelecom in this bidding. It will deploy 7750 SR product portfolio in seven provinces to realize the convergence of traffic at the edge of the metropolitan area

by deploying Shanghai Bell IP routing product portfolio including 7950 XRS IP core router and 7750 SR service router, Chinatelecom can build an efficient IP network to support its expansion of 4G LTE services and provide excellent services

Shanghai Bell's 7950 XRS product portfolio has industry-leading capacity, performance and scalability to meet various network requirements. So far, 50 customers around the world have chosen to deploy Shanghai Bell's 7950 XRS

Yuanxin, chairman and President of Shanghai Bell, said: Shanghai Bell is committed to providing users with an IP routing product portfolio that can help them cope with future traffic needs and effectively support them to launch mobile cloud services that are not easy to bump in the transportation process. It can be predicted that China's mobile market has a strong growth momentum. With our 7950 XRS IP core router and 7750 SR service router, we can help Chinatelecom achieve efficient and flexible management of this growth

about Shanghai Bell

as the first foreign-invested joint-stock company in China, Shanghai Bell is not only directly subordinate to the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, but also the flagship company of Alcatel lucent in China, with strong local strength and extensive global resources. The company provides operators, enterprises and industrial customers with end-to-end information communication solutions and high-quality services. Its products cover wired and wireless solutions, optical access solutions, end-to-end LTE solutions, optical networks, IP networks, network cores and applications, network management and services and many other fields

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