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Valeo released electrification, autonomous driving and interconnection at the Shanghai auto show on April 17, 2019, Valeo showed its latest innovative technology at the 2019 Shanghai International Auto Industry Exhibition, committed to leading the transformation of mobile travel

2019 Shanghai auto show, Valeo released the innovative technologies of electrification, autonomous driving and connected vehicles

in this auto show, Valeo exhibited its low-voltage (48V) pure electric city prototype, which is one of Valeo's electrification solutions to meet different travel needs and uses. The vehicle can only be verified under relatively suitable light aging conditions. It is a full-featured two seat electric vehicle. Its maximum speed can reach 100 km/h. The driving number can be up to 150 km by using lm358 to follow the voltage of the output signal. It can be charged through any power socket. This also provides a cost-effective solution for future urban travel. In addition, Valeo reversible charger made its global debut at the Shanghai auto show, which is also a major innovation. It can make cars become the link of electricity. The system is jointly developed by Valeo and xcharge, a Chinese enterprise, making it possible to send back the excess power

Valeo China Franc ̧ Mr. OIS Marion introduced Valeo's global development and future blueprint Dr. gujianmin, Valeo China's chief technology officer, introduced Valeo's innovative technology in China. Although the cost is low, the development of automotive electrification will not just stay on the powertrain system. Valeo also provides all-weather, all-season thermal management and cabin comfort solutions for electric vehicles to optimize the range of electric vehicles. This time, the Valeo booth showed a sample car, which is equipped with a variety of solutions to monitor and protect the air in the cabin from external pollution

Valeo showed a sample vehicle equipped with a variety of solutions to provide all-weather, all-season thermal management and cabin comfort solutions for electric vehicles

as the development pioneer market of autonomous and interconnected vehicles, China has formulated a development blueprint for 2020. By 2020, more than half of new vehicles will be equipped with semi auto drive system. These driving systems are based on different types of sensors, enabling the vehicle to map its environment. At present, Valeo has the most comprehensive sensor product portfolio in the market, such as Valeo lidar, the first and only mass-produced body level lidar in the automotive industry, and Valeo sensor cleaning system, which is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products

Valeo reversible charger makes its global debut in 2019 Shanghai Auto Show

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