Wanqiansen women's favorite 80000 to build poly Hu

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Community: Poly Huadu [more poly Huadu decoration effect pictures] house type: two bedrooms and two halls decoration area: 80 square meters decoration style: pastoral style decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 80000 decoration company: Lu Gong mansion decoration [decoration bidding, decoration map] more community decoration effect pictures

the whole living room is mainly in elegant colors, and the green plants make the living room instantly have a sense of original ecology, The printed TV background wall, European style furniture and chandeliers make the small two bedroom full of charm, especially suitable for girls with Mori female plot

the color matching of dining chairs is very textural. The most distinctive is the glass door leading to the bedroom, which can not only play a good partition effect, but also not as rigid as the wooden door

the owner is a person who likes white very much, so the designer gives priority to simple white in the design of the whole room, and then gently decorates it with soft decoration or furniture of different colors. White starts to live in an instant. Imagine going back to such a bedroom after a busy day. Is it a lot clearer in an instant

this bedroom feels different from other bedrooms in color. It is suitable for men at home. Compared with men's bedrooms, it is better to be a little tough. The room looks very simple, but it can be remembered at a glance, thanks to different colors and unique wallpaper and wardrobe

editor's comments: the owner of this scheme has a high evaluation. Both the design and the soft clothing collocation at home in the later stage are refreshing. Do you still want to see other decoration renderings? Or sign up for decoration bidding and get 3 decoration effect plans for free




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