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Italian home is a large imported furniture integration platform, in which you can buy furniture, building materials, jewelry and other products imported from Europe. On June 4, 2018, [home of Italy] completed the distribution and installation of products for the Taiziwan project in Cixi, Zhejiang Province. The products distributed and installed this time are margaroli brand electric towel racks. Founded in 2000, margaroli focuses on creating a wide range of electric towel racks. The line design of electric heating rack is beautiful and simple, which integrates aesthetic feeling and structural principle in an optimal way

electric towel rack is a high-tech product, which is a supporting product of high-end bathroom. The electric towel rack can be classified according to the heating principle and heating elements, but with the diversification of technology, the classification according to materials and elements becomes more and more complex. From the perspective of users' purchase and non-technical, it can be divided into bacteriostatic electric towel rack and bactericidal electric towel rack

due to the special environment in the bathroom, the ventilation is not good, and the towels used for washing face are not easy to dry, thus breeding bacteria. Margaroli electric towel rack just solves this problem, and scientific means can be used to quickly dry the towels, so as to reduce the wanton growth of bacteria and ensure a healthy way of washing face

margaroli electric towel rack is inextricably linked with bathroom hardware accessories, such as faucets, showers, etc. Usually, for the selection of bathroom hardware accessories, most interior designs will follow the characteristics of consistent materials and colors, so as to achieve the overall coordination of bathroom space

careful installation and perfect effect. The installation of margaroli electric towel rack is complex and trivial, and rigorous and professional technology is required to perfectly ensure its aesthetics and practicality. At present, Italian home has established cooperation with more than 3900 home building materials brands in Europe, and successfully built a service platform for imported home building materials from China. In the field of home furnishing and lifestyle, it seems to have been the messenger of Italian design, art and culture

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