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On March 19, Suifu door and window headquarters held a knowledge training meeting on aluminum alloy door and window products. In order to further enhance the company's new employees' knowledge and understanding of aluminum alloy doors and windows products, steadily improve the level of comprehensive ability, strengthen the communication with customers, and serve customers more efficiently. Suifu door and window beam factory and general manager Wen personally taught product knowledge

combining their own experience, Liang Chang and general manager Wen gave lectures in simple terms, and interacted with the on-site staff. Through vivid metaphorical explanations, the staff present clearly learned each knowledge point

knowledge training was conducted for Suifu aluminum alloy door and window products to ensure that when employees analyze to customers, they can not only provide excellent experience services, but also provide theoretical data to support customers' different needs

at the training meeting, everyone had a positive attitude, dared to speak, and thought, understood and understood product knowledge together. The whole training will be spent in a harmonious and warm atmosphere

I believe that through this training, new employees can enhance their knowledge of aluminum alloy doors and windows products, and improve their sales skills and sales level. Further improve the comprehensive business level, provide more diversified services for customers, and create a better Suifu door and window Brand image




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