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Ruiming doors and windows, a model of safe home, are not afraid of wind and rain, and protect home safety

typhoon "mangosteen" No. 22 made landfall in the coastal area of Guangdong from the afternoon to the night of the 16th, with a maximum wind force of force 18 and a wind speed of 65 meters/second, and its wind circle is enough to cover the whole of Guangdong

the good reincarnation of heaven

who does the heaven spare

a home, a window, yesterday, mangosteen ran rampant, the sea water poured back, and the tower collapsed; The glass of tall buildings fell disorderly and big trees were uprooted; What thrilling scenes are shocking, and how many homes are destroyed overnight. Even if the floor is paved with gold and the walls are built with silver, without a good window, it will be lost in an instant

as a door and window enterprise, I want to remind consumers not to let inferior doors and windows cause trouble again. No matter how well the home is decorated, if the doors and windows are not selected properly, everything is 0

see, this is the difference between good doors and windows and bad doors and windows. Typhoons expose unqualified doors and windows, and only high-quality doors and windows can be used

stand proudly

not afraid of the wind and rain

buying a good set of doors and windows is reassuring, and it is the safety and security of the whole family. This value cannot be described in money

facing the irresistible force of nature, we always seem so fragile. Doors and windows are the first defense guarantee of buildings

then the question comes, what kind of doors and windows can resist the "wind king"

Ruiming doors and windows, a model of safe home, are not afraid of wind and rain, and protect home safety

it adopts high-quality aluminum wood bridge broken profile, and the overall structure of the product is solid, which can withstand ultra-high strength wind pressure; Thermal insulation bridge breaking aluminum wood profile can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, and has super thermal insulation performance, so as to truly "sit on the Diaoyutai despite the wind and waves"

it is sealed with high-quality EPDM sealant strip, which can effectively isolate rain and noise. Its water tightness, air tightness, thermal insulation, sound insulation and other properties are obvious. Even if it is located in the downtown center, closing the window is a quiet and noisy world

three seals are used between frames and leaves. The window sash is thick and imported hardware, which can effectively prevent the window sash from being blown down by the typhoon and prevent the danger of falling objects from high altitude; The product is firm and durable, with long service life. The water storage tank is designed to be raised, and the hidden drainage is not afraid of wind and rain, so that the rain can be discharged quickly

Ruiming doors and windows, while respecting nature, is more committed to creating a safe and healthy home environment to make their families more safe, comfortable and healthy




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