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Money is the usual measure of material. Many businesses use low prices to attract our attention in order to attract consumers. Usually, many consumers are greedy for being cheap for a while, and there will be great doubts about the quality of the things they buy back. And these questions are the kind that cannot be compensated in the later stage. Broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows have been recognized by an increasing number of consumers because of their appropriate and superior functions. Therefore, there are many broken bridge aluminum alloy wooden doors and windows on the market now. If an chooses excellent broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows among the uneven commodities? Here is a brief introduction for us

today, I want to explain the common sense of broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows. Compared with other brand doors and windows, broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows are relatively late to enter Chinese shopping malls. It was first popular in Europe. However, the ambush cycle in Chinese shopping malls is relatively long, that is to say, it has been in Chinese shopping malls for some years, but we don't know much about preferences. In the past two years, broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows have suddenly become popular with consumers. In order to facilitate our further understanding, let me briefly introduce the broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows and other common sense

advantages of bridge cutoff aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. Good thermal insulation. The rubber strip sealing method is selected, which has excellent functions of air tightness, water tightness and heat preservation; The use of insulating glass has a significant energy-saving effect, and the energy-saving cost is enough to compensate for the early investment

2. Waterproof function. There is a structural drainage system, which has good drainage and water tightness

3. Anti condensation and frost. The multi-channel sealing structure realizes the equal pressure balance of gas and water, and improves the water tightness and air tightness

4. Anti theft and anti loosening devices. Equipped with common hardware locks to ensure the stability and safety of the windows

5. Noise prevention and sound insulation. Hollow sound insulating glass, carefully designed and closely jointed, ensures that residents within 50 meters are not disturbed by noise

6. Windproof sand and wind pressure resistance. Hollow design is selected, which has good wind pressure resistance and shock resistance, so as to ensure that the indoor windowsill and floor are free of dust

7. High strength, no deformation, no protection. It is strong and durable. It is not easy to be corroded and discolored by acid and alkali. There is no need to maintain it

8. Multiple colors. The colors inside and outside are combined at will

9. Green building materials, circular economy. Hazardous materials will not occur, and can be recycled, which is in line with human sustainable development

10. There are many opening methods, which are comfortable to use. There are four opening methods, excellent hardware accessories, mature and perfect processing technology, and stable quality

how to choose excellent bridge broken aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. Profile wall thickness: National Standard Rules: profile thickness should be greater than or equal to 1.4mm

2. Insulation strip: it is necessary to use PA66 nylon according to national rules, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life

3. Choose the original goods, not the self threading goods with secondary spraying

4. The cost of excellent aluminum alloy doors and windows is 30% higher

5. The thickness, strength and oxide film conform to the national standard. The wall thickness is more than 1.2mm, the tensile strength is 157 Newtons per square millimeter, the yield strength is 108 Newtons per square millimeter, and the oxide film thickness is 10 microns

6. Precision processing, exquisite device, good sealing function, and self-contained switch

quotation trap of broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows

in order to save cost, time and materials, many manufacturers Manufacture unqualified broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows and mix them into shopping malls. It is the same as the standard broken bridge aluminum alloy window, but the quotation is much lower, which makes it difficult to distinguish between true and false for a while

so when choosing, you must polish your eyes. Don't buy the bridge broken aluminum alloy windows of twoorthree per square meter, because you are facing the quotation trap at the moment




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