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As time goes by, we grow up and our parents grow old. Many of us struggle all our lives to give our parents a comfortable old age, cook a simple dinner for them, and decorate a warm home ~ ~

years are flowing. We are gradually growing up, and our parents are gradually getting old. Many of us struggle all our lives to give our parents a comfortable old age, make a simple dinner for them, and decorate a warm home ~ ~

nitrogen wow, many people are generally lack of functional design skills for the elderly room. How can we design a comfortable and happy room for our parents? Let's follow Dan Dan to increase knowledge ~ ~ ~

the space should be spacious and convenient for activities

the elderly generally have inconvenient legs and feet. In order to facilitate the activities of the elderly, it is suggested to use the larger bedroom as the elderly's room

if the elderly with mobility difficulties need to use a wheelchair at home, the door frame and the pass must be made larger than the conventional size in the design, so as to facilitate access and opening and closing doors

the room should be soundproof and conducive to sleep

the elderly have a considerable need for rest and rest because their physical strength and energy are far lower than those of young people. Therefore, the elderly room should be far away from the noisy environment and keep clean

in addition, the elderly room should also maintain good ventilation and relatively sufficient light, because these are conducive to improving the sleep quality of the elderly

furniture: the installation should be safe and stable

for both the elderly and children, the safety of the home environment is the most important. Try to choose cabinets with fewer sharp corners and more rounded corners

in addition, furniture should be placed orderly against the wall as far as possible. When installing furniture, fasteners should be used to fix it, so as to avoid dumping, which poses a threat to the safety of the elderly

home decoration: the position should not be too high

the elderly need to design the height of the room switch lower because of inconvenient action. In addition, the cabinet, table furniture and cabinet countertops may need to be smaller than the conventional depth

barrier free design should also be carried out indoors and outdoors to reduce the height difference of the ground floor, so as to facilitate walking. Try not to place too many objects in front of the window to avoid affecting the opening and closing of the window

soft clothing: the soft and hard should be suitable

there must be a seat at the entrance that is convenient for the elderly to change shoes. The sofa should be slightly hard rather than too soft. The sofa furniture should reflect ergonomics. The elderly who are too deep and too short can't stand up when sitting down

don't squeeze the double bed of the old man against the wall. Leave channels on both sides, and both sides can go up and down. The mattress must not be too soft or too short. It will be very difficult for the old man to get up

bedside table: storage is necessary

in addition to the storage function of the wardrobe to store the thick clothes of the elderly, the bedside table of the elderly should also have a greater storage function, placing daily drugs, sphygmomanometers, etc

the bedside table should also have a relatively wide table, which is convenient for the elderly to place tea cups, daily books, presbyopia glasses and other commonly used items

color matching: the overall style should be peaceful

the style of the room should be able to highlight the sense of stability and maturity. In the design, attention should be paid to the matching of colors and furniture. The color effect should be relatively soft, and the matching of dark and light colors is the best

furniture can choose some simple solid wood furniture or new Chinese furniture, which can make the elderly feel a warm and peaceful atmosphere

an old man in a family is like a treasure. Have you got the calm, quiet, safe and smooth design of the old people's house

to love parents, we should first decorate the old man's room, hoping that all parents can have a happy old age~~





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