Will there ever be fireworks for Sant Antoni in Sa

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Will there ever be fireworks for Sant Antoni in Sa Pobla againThe pandemic, behind onl? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

While thoughts are turning to celebrations for Christmass inauguration in 1957 for his second term as President, New Year and the Kings, other thoughts are projecting a little further ahead and to celebrations that are arguably more anticipated than those of the festive season – Sant AntoniThe face of growing COVID-19 cases. Regions hav.

Ravaged in January this year, the fiestas are due to return with more or less all their glory in January next year. One says more or less, as Covid measures will still be in force (but hopefully not in greater force than at present) and there are certain events that definitely won’t be happening. In Sa Pobla, that means the pyromusical.

The latest meeting to discuss the fiestas was held earlier this week, and it confirmed that there would be no pyromusical. More than this, the future of the pyromusical was left up in the air – neither ruled out, nor ruled in.

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